Potion/Item Reagents

Ideas for potion reagents:

Beetle Glue

Sticky substance expelled from beetles to immobilize their prey. Must be kept in an air-tight container to avoid drying.

Bullywug Blood

Used in corrupting and damaging applications. Caution must be used in harvesting as its distinctive and offensive smell tends to linger.

Demon Hide

Skin from a cursed being.

Dragon Blood

Hard to get without contamination. Oxidizes quickly so a spotless vial must be at the ready while harvesting.

Eel Scales

Can be used to bring a water element to brews.


The roots of this plant are valuable in potion making. The root must be extracted intact or the essential oils will simply leech into the marshy waters in which they grow attracting any nearby eels (hence the name). A tall reed-like plant.

Executioner’s Cap (mushroom)

Deadly poisonous even if simply touched. Found in very arid climates.


Freshly plucked flight feathers often come in handy for potions of flying. The bigger the bird, the more potent the feathers.

Fertile Earth

Earth that is capable of bringing forth life.

Fire Beetle Fire

Must be used fresh as it loses its potency within hours of removal from the creature.

Grey Mushrooms

Dark grey in colour they tend to grow in low-light areas that have been affected by magic.

Goblin Tooth

Can be forcibly removed or from a normal shedding of teeth that happens many times over a goblin’s life.

Golden Grass

A sheaf of grass seed turned golden yellow, found only at the end of summer.

Holy Water

Used in healing potions and to neutralize otherwise poisonous components of potions.

Kruthik Armor

The outer skeleton of the large creatures. An intact plate can be used in some defensive potions.

Lava Stone

A rock made from molten lava. Can be smooth like glass or rough and porous. Different types have different uses.


Various oils are often used to bind reagents.

Orange Ooze

Slightly acidic ooze that can be found in the wild.

Precious Stones

Various precious stones and pearls are used in potions invoking elements within the earth and signifying the passage of time.

Rat Hair

Large rats in the wild gain resistances to many diseases and poisons that they can carry without consequence. Their hair can be harvested to create potions which help fight or cure these contagions.

Red Moss

Grows on rocks in unusually cold climates for plant life. Used in potions of resistance.

Scorpion Venom

Very hazardous to harvest. Must be neutralized with holy water to be imbibed.

Spider Silk

This sticky, strong thread can bind various elements together.

Swamp Sludge

The green slime that accumulates on the surface of still ponds and marshes.


Touched by fairy magic, these red-capped mushrooms have various uses.

Zombie Skin

The skin of any undead creature.

Potion/Item Reagents

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