Legends of Emeria

Day 4 - Dawn

Went fishing in the Eelwood. Had a surprisingly uneventful trip. Made quite a bit of gold. Next time I am in the Eelwood I intend to repeat this success.

Bert seemed happy for the supply of eels and I am certain it made him quite a few gold that evening as well.


Day 3 - Dawn

We set out east, to find the road to the Old City. We found it without issue and followed it north to the edge of the pit. Several deep pits are all that remains of the city that was once here. What could do this?

We entered the pit closest to the road. It was steep, if we returned I would want to bring better climbing gear if it can be had in this town. Once we arrived at the bottom, we were met by some crow-like humanoids. They seemed intelligent enough and the bard ensured them that we meant them no harm and so they let us pass. There were 4 crags in the rock through which we could venture into the tunnels below the surface. Venturing into the NE passage, we passed a tunnel with Kenku guard who stood like a statue. I am unsure whether he refused to answer because he did not speak common or because it was his duty.

Ahead there were 2 passages. The left led to an apparent dead end – a cliff overlooking a chasm with floating stones. The stones resisted being moved from their locations in the air and the darkness continued past the ledges further down. Returning to the fork, we took the right passage. It led us on a narrow path that also had a cliff opening onto an area much like the one we saw at the fork (perhaps the same one).

At the end of this path, a steep descent led to a ledge with an opening in the rock. Within this narrow passage we were ambushed by lizards with hard shells and many legs. They tore at those that they could reach and shot their poisoned barbs. When one fell from the ceiling and knocked the cleric prone and another attempted to eat his face, I felled the beast with 4 rapid arrows. We managed to slay all of the beasts and an examination of their tunnels turned up no evidence of more.

We continued down another embankment to a smaller ledge with a similar opening. I could hear the sounds of more of these beasts further off and due to the fatigue of some in the party, we decided to return to the surface.

A cursory examination of the other 3 openings in the rock revealed the Kenku home, a hidden door that appeared to be constructed by the Kenku and another passage cut short by a wide pit. The pit appeared too wide to simply jump across but there was a small ring in the ceiling in the middle of the pit that could perhaps be used to attach a rope to swing across. This may be another area the Kenku would like us to avoid so if we choose to venture this way caution is advised.

After this examination, we climbed out of the pit and walked around the area to get a better view of the other pits in the vicinity and returned to town.

I spoke with Bert upon returning to the inn. He advised that we not speak of our trip to the old city in front of those in town. I am happy to oblige.


Day 1 - Dawn

I met some fellow adventure seekers at the inn yesterday afternoon. The barkeep informed us of a tower within the Eelwood and that any eels we caught there could likely be sold for a profit in town.

We set out around mid day and travelled about 1 hour NW from the West Gate to the edge of the forrest. Not knowing where to begin, we simply plunged in. I don’t know what trouble those oafs woulds have found themselves in had I not been there to guide them through the woods. The terrain is quite uneven and sloping and navigation is not easy once one is within the trees.

After a while longer into the woods headed NW we came upon a seemingly impassable marsh. We headed north to avoid getting caught up in the muck. Moments later, we came upon a group of goblins with red paw prints upon their tunics that appeared to be fishing for eels. We gave them their berth but as we passed another group of goblins, these ones with a blue circle with 3 lines like scratches through its center appeared and started throwing javelins at our party. They were quite easily dispatched and as the Red goblins resumed fishing, I believe they appreciated us thwarting the ambush. My party members placed the blue goblins heads atop javelins to “act as a deterrent”.

After continuing another half hour or so north, the slope increased and the swamp dried up. We resumed our NW direction. After an uneventful hour we finally saw the tower upon an island within another swampy area. I delicately picked my way along the solid patches of ground to the base of the tower whereas my travelling mates had considerably more difficulty. Apparently the eels bite.

A three story tower stood before us, with its doorway long since disappeared. The tower appears to be goblin made, 100 or more years ago from what I could gauge. We entered into a large room with some tables. The kitchen at the back of the tower had a rat infestation that has now been dealt with. The stairs down let to a dirt basement with some empty barrels that was infested with ooze. We camped here for the night.

In the morning, we attempted to explore the upper floors where we had seen a light the night before, but to no avail. The doorway had been bricked shut from the opposite side. After some more scouting around the tower we discovered that the inhabitants appear to be fairies. This is when I discovered that my companions were not simply after adventure but had a death wish. They wished to climb into the nest of these unknown creatures one by one through the window. I told them that I would have no part in it. Their insect like eyes and stinger like appendages reminded me of wasp swarms I had seen back home, it is not a pretty sight. After a fairy simply thwarting their attempt, they soon saw it my way.

After another soggy trip back across the marsh for my companions, we decided we would return to the scene of our first battle and attempt to follow the blue goblin’s trail. On our way back to the scene, we encountered some hunting Bullywugs. Believing those in my party wished to simply dispatch the hunters, I attempted to befriend them by aiding them in slaughtering their quarry. A few arrows from me and the beast – a warthog – quickly fell. After killing the remaining beast and carrying away their prey, I thought perhaps we had made more allies within the Eelwood. Alas, bullywugs are an agressive and unintelligent race and they attacked. We made short work of this group of aggressors as well (and their heads were again placed upon javelins, ugh). The warthogs were quite delicious for dinner that evening.

We returned to the scene of our first fight, the goblin heads still stood as a reminder. I was able to pick up the trail of the goblins headed N. After about 2 hours, I felt that we had gone a ways north of the tower and we spotted the edge of the treeline. We placed a mark upon the tree near the tracks as well as one on the tree at the edge of the forrest. Not wanting to spend another night out in the forrest without shelter, we returned to the city. If we wish to track the goblins, we must return soon or all trace will be gone. Though I am not sure of the intent of my companions and will be wary to not lead them to the camp of a band of goblins simply so that they can murder them and call it adventure.



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