Legends of Emeria

We don't go to Fellwood anymore

Wow. What a failure. Who thought that following the guidance of a random treasure map into an evil forest would end so badly.

Not an hour after entering the dark forest we were faced with huge spiders which would normally be an excellent first catch of the day. However, when paired with a gigantic wyrm, our odds of survival dropped significantly. A large lightning blast from the scaled bastard instantly crippled most of the party. Serena thinking fast reasoned with the wyrm to let us live, in return for our never ending services. While pondering this decision, the spiders made short work of us, killing Serena and Thoradin.

Dawn and I fled the scene and with her expert direction sense we made it back to town. Thank Sehanine for her kindness. Once again, Bert honoured the fallen, and we drank to Serena and Thoradin. Suddenly eel fishing (eeling) doesn’t sound so bad.

-Rothus the Reckless


“Once again”? But Rothus, you’ve only just got to town! You’ve never met Bert before or seen him honor the dead.

We don't go to Fellwood anymore

Serena, you will always have a special place in my heart …


We don't go to Fellwood anymore

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