Legends of Emeria

The House on the Cliff

B-b-b-bird, bird, bird is the word

We were tired of the muck and biting eels of the Eelwood, so we decided to explore in a different direction. We set off north to see what might be hidden among the hills that lie in the distance. As we went north, we came across a great mound of stone, and as we walked around it, it became clear that it was a remnant of the old city of Emeria. In fact, what had been the surface before the disaster lay on one side of this mountain, and we even noticed a few structures that had survived the destruction. They were far above us, and my companions decided to try to scale this cliff to reach them. I hate climbing! Dwarves are meant to stay close to the earth.

As we (carefully) scaled the cliff, we got a closer look at the structure we were approaching. It had the look of an grand old manor, but it was in rough shape. Arayas deftly set a rope bridge to the manor, which we used to climb inside. Exploring a house that’s been turned on its side is as challenging as it sounds. Even more, really, when it turns out that you’re an unwelcome guest! We explored the upper level uneventfully, but when we made our way to the ground level, we came across a nest of bird-creatures, with piercing beaks and arms wielding swords and spiked chains. They did not take kindly to our intrusion and immediately attacked. Unable to fly, we were at a distinct disadvantage. But these creatures were no match for my mighty axe, when I did manage to land a blow. Before I knew it, I stood on what used to a wall, with corpses of dismembered bird people strewn at my feet. As I caught my breath, I realized that we were missing one of our group. Arayas had bravely swung into an adjoining room, but had been overwhelmed by these ravenous creatures. We mourned his passing, but sensed that it would not be safe to remain there. We carefully made our way back to New Emeria.


I would give you XP, but…you’re dead.

The House on the Cliff

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