Legends of Emeria

Dwarves Can Blog Too

While minding my own business, enjoying the sound of my woodwind and the feeling of my awesome beard, an interesting looking group passed me. They seemed like they were looking for a great adventure and informed me of their incredible travels and encounters with Bullywugs and search for profitable eels. I decided to join their party as I was also looking for a life-changing adventure and offered to help them find traps as well as be their sneaky thief.

We headed to the Old City, although we were explicitly warned about it.

Serena caught my eye. Though she did not show any interest in me and rejected most of my advances, we always had an enjoyable time jamming, as she played the lute and sang beautifully. I think I may be too short for her.

She also wildly impressed me with her smooth talking, when she was able to kindly speak to the oddly-looking crow creatures, making sure that we “came in peace” and meant no harm. The Crow people did not want to be friends with us unfortunately.

We decided to head down the dark and dangerous pit. Since when were dark and dangerous headquarters ever welcoming?

We had to climb up and down several dark cliffs, leading us to even more dark cliffs, which eventually led us to mysterious floating stones. The stones did not prove to be useful, though most of us were unsure whether to cross them. Maybe next time I’ll try to use my “acrobatic skills” to get across.

At one point during our climbs down a hill, I tripped over my beard and landed straight onto my face. It was rather embarrassing…

The pit was proven to be incredibly dangerous. While trying to squeeze through a tight space, walking single file into even more dark and dangerous spaces, we made a last minute decision to head back, as we were not getting a good vibe from this area and what was going to happen next.

But just our luck, we got viciously attacked by Kruthiks, which I could describe as large spider lizards with spikes at the end of their limbs, who truly enjoyed a relentless swipe at your ankles. They were not easy to beat!

My first shot at a Kruthik was incredible. Although I was so close to hitting members of my party, I was able to miss them and hit it right where it hurt. It left its corpse which we happily used as a platform.

The rest of my attempts were fairly unsuccessful, as I had dropped my short sword during battle and wasted several of my daggers by throwing them in random directions, into the walls and ground. I might as well have been drunk. It was an unenjoyable time for me.

I fell unconscious for a short while because of the damn poisonous spiky spider lizards, but was quickly healed by Dawn. I wonder what she thinks of Dwarves…

Which felt like several HOURS later, all nine Kruthik’s were killed. Serena sang a Song of Rest as I played my woodwind and we were all ready to get a good rest.

Soon after, we headed back to The Falling Pony, where I realized that I did not have enough cash to buy a room for the evening. After being rejected by most of my party, the Thoradin allowed me to stay in his room. I promised him that I would cuddle.

I would love to munch on an eel right about now…




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