Legends of Emeria

Day 9 - Dawn

Two more lost. And on such a foolish quest for treasure that may not even exist. We will not find out either way any time soon.

The map we had found in the mansion on the big dirt clod led into the Fellwood. There were several markers along the path on the map so I was foolishly less worried about getting lost. As soon as we entered the forest it grew dark and it was hard to say which way was which. We should have taken this as adequate warning that what lay ahead was to be approached with caution.

We spotted some spiders darting between the trees. I hid but they were upon us before we could properly cover ourselves. They were shortly joined by a large, dragon-like beast who seemed to laugh at our misfortune and our pleas for aid fell on deaf ears.

I shall not dwell on the ensuing fight as I spent most of it unconscious. I survived only due to my sheer force of will. As I awoke, the wizard who was the only one left standing was fleeing. I followed swiftly behind and heard the great beast relish in devouring Thoradin.

Bert was kind when we returned with half as many as had departed. I spent the rest of the day in my room, resting and mourning the dead. Though I wish to avenge them, I will not head that way again anytime soon.




Day 9 - Dawn

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