Legends of Emeria

Day 7 - Dawn

Having gone to rest early, we rose early and decided that today we would leave the Eelwood and return to town though not by a direct route.

We headed north down the hill and along the edge of the marsh. It turned west after an hour and we followed it. After another hour, another join between marshes, this time we crossed not wanting to add length to our journey out of the forrest. An hour headed south and we returned to the first join between marshes. We headed west but were soon met by a group of beetles.

The beetles were nasty, the battle was made nastier still when an opportunistic panther leapt from the trees and attempted to eat us. We managed to kill the beetles but the panther managed to get away from us. We disemboweled the beasts and found some bracers within, the remains of a less lucky traveller I assume.

We decided a hastier exit was wise and followed our known path back to the fishing spot. We managed to catch a great number of eel, we would be popular at the inn that night.

I greeted Bert when we arrived at the Falling Pony. My sack, heavy with eel was greeted in return with gold. I slept well with a full stomach that night.




Day 7 - Dawn

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