Legends of Emeria

Day 6 - Dawn

We awoke, eager to start a new day. We continued north down the hill and were met with more marsh. All this wood is is a maze of sloppy, eel-filled marsh and hills with trees. I grow weary of this landscape.

We followed the marsh to the east. After an hour, I recognized that this was the same marsh which contained the tower. We headed south east, to join up with the familiar marsh and determine its dimensions.

We easily found the north east corner of the marsh and headed west. After an hour the marsh dropped away and we turned south to follow its edge. Shortly after we turned, I spotted a ring of mushrooms within a small clearing. We avoided the area as I was wary to anger the fairies who likely use this as a place of magic and ritual.

A short while later, we reached the creek we had left the previous day. We followed it west and travelled it mostly without incident. When we reached the marsh again, we headed north for about an hour and east for another three quarters before finding another creek. We followed the creek north until it curved and we came upon a scene: the goblins from the previous day were surrounded by rats of various sizes and a rather large scorpion.

The goblins recognized us and knowing they could have easily attacked yesterday but did not we assumed they meant us no harm and went to their aid. The scorpion was rather easily dispatched and not so threatening as it appeared I think largely because we avoided its sting. The rats were as foul as ever, infecting Yalda with filth fever. We won the fight easily and the goblins were thankful. After our cleric helped one of their injured to recover from the sting of the scorpion, he was given a rather nice spear of dwarven make. How goblins ended up with this relic is a mystery to me. The goblins, left to the west.

We continued our path along the creek until it met the marsh again and we turned north to follow it. After a short while, the marsh we were following met another, instead of crossing where they met, we followed the edge of the new marsh east. After another hour’s travel and night upon us I saw a hill ahead and noticing Bullywug tracks upon the ground, climbed to the top of the hill where no tracks were present. Together, we tended to Yalda to cure him of disease and after a rest he was well again. We slept until early morning.




Day 6 - Dawn

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