Legends of Emeria

Day 5 - Dawn

Today with a new arrival in tow, the dwarves, shadar-kai and I decided to explore more of the Eelwood.

We entered at our usual point and easily travelled to the place where the goblins had been fishing that first day. Instead of heading into the known territory to the north, we travelled south.

After an hour or so the marsh to our right ended. We climbed the small hill ahead but were not able to see very much. After continuing to follow the marsh to the west, a much larger hill loomed ahead to the north west. With some effort we climbed and discovered upon its south face, near the peak, an entrance to a cave. I will say that adventure and likely some treasure lies within the depths of this hill for those eager enough to seek it. The place is marked by trees, evenly spaced. I imagine elves thought this place of great importance though it has fallen into disrepair and I don’t imagine they have been here in decades.

We headed down the north face of the hill and met the marsh. A small creek flowed to the east and we followed it for 3 quarters of an hour until we saw ahead a group of goblins fishing for eel. We made a gesture of peace and goodwill and simply carried on our way peacefully. The creek continued for another 45 minutes before ending in marsh. We headed north and found a hill upon which to rest for the night.




Day 5 - Dawn

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