Legends of Emeria

Circle of Flanking

We headed back to Eelwood, though I was pretty sure it was deadly. Immediately after entering, a swarm of large boars and rats greeted us. Many of us caught Filth Fever and I got my leg punctured many times. The creatures were very difficult to beat.

Orsic fell unconscious and is one of the only members of our party who can heal. We had to carry him back to town… Orsic Is Heavier Than He Looks

But before we knew it, a boa constrictor wanted to dance. The last thing I remember is being hugged pretty tightly, enough to send me to his belly… The Boa That Loved Too Much

How am I writing this now? You will need to wait to find out about my grand escape!


20XP for sexy photos!

Circle of Flanking

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