Legends of Emeria

Circle of Flanking

We headed back to Eelwood, though I was pretty sure it was deadly. Immediately after entering, a swarm of large boars and rats greeted us. Many of us caught Filth Fever and I got my leg punctured many times. The creatures were very difficult to beat.

Orsic fell unconscious and is one of the only members of our party who can heal. We had to carry him back to town… Orsic Is Heavier Than He Looks

But before we knew it, a boa constrictor wanted to dance. The last thing I remember is being hugged pretty tightly, enough to send me to his belly… The Boa That Loved Too Much

How am I writing this now? You will need to wait to find out about my grand escape!

Day 10 - Dawn

Maybe they are better off without me. I need a break from all of this. I am getting careless; I return with fewer companions each time I venture out. I can’t help but feel it is my own fault even though they know the danger into which we head each time we leave this town. I could have urged more strongly, I could have led them the wrong way and hoped that they would not notice.

Perhaps some strong drinks, some cards and the company of strangers will settle my mind.


Day 9 - Dawn

Two more lost. And on such a foolish quest for treasure that may not even exist. We will not find out either way any time soon.

The map we had found in the mansion on the big dirt clod led into the Fellwood. There were several markers along the path on the map so I was foolishly less worried about getting lost. As soon as we entered the forest it grew dark and it was hard to say which way was which. We should have taken this as adequate warning that what lay ahead was to be approached with caution.

We spotted some spiders darting between the trees. I hid but they were upon us before we could properly cover ourselves. They were shortly joined by a large, dragon-like beast who seemed to laugh at our misfortune and our pleas for aid fell on deaf ears.

I shall not dwell on the ensuing fight as I spent most of it unconscious. I survived only due to my sheer force of will. As I awoke, the wizard who was the only one left standing was fleeing. I followed swiftly behind and heard the great beast relish in devouring Thoradin.

Bert was kind when we returned with half as many as had departed. I spent the rest of the day in my room, resting and mourning the dead. Though I wish to avenge them, I will not head that way again anytime soon.


We don't go to Fellwood anymore

Wow. What a failure. Who thought that following the guidance of a random treasure map into an evil forest would end so badly.

Not an hour after entering the dark forest we were faced with huge spiders which would normally be an excellent first catch of the day. However, when paired with a gigantic wyrm, our odds of survival dropped significantly. A large lightning blast from the scaled bastard instantly crippled most of the party. Serena thinking fast reasoned with the wyrm to let us live, in return for our never ending services. While pondering this decision, the spiders made short work of us, killing Serena and Thoradin.

Dawn and I fled the scene and with her expert direction sense we made it back to town. Thank Sehanine for her kindness. Once again, Bert honoured the fallen, and we drank to Serena and Thoradin. Suddenly eel fishing (eeling) doesn’t sound so bad.

-Rothus the Reckless

The House on the Cliff
B-b-b-bird, bird, bird is the word

We were tired of the muck and biting eels of the Eelwood, so we decided to explore in a different direction. We set off north to see what might be hidden among the hills that lie in the distance. As we went north, we came across a great mound of stone, and as we walked around it, it became clear that it was a remnant of the old city of Emeria. In fact, what had been the surface before the disaster lay on one side of this mountain, and we even noticed a few structures that had survived the destruction. They were far above us, and my companions decided to try to scale this cliff to reach them. I hate climbing! Dwarves are meant to stay close to the earth.

As we (carefully) scaled the cliff, we got a closer look at the structure we were approaching. It had the look of an grand old manor, but it was in rough shape. Arayas deftly set a rope bridge to the manor, which we used to climb inside. Exploring a house that’s been turned on its side is as challenging as it sounds. Even more, really, when it turns out that you’re an unwelcome guest! We explored the upper level uneventfully, but when we made our way to the ground level, we came across a nest of bird-creatures, with piercing beaks and arms wielding swords and spiked chains. They did not take kindly to our intrusion and immediately attacked. Unable to fly, we were at a distinct disadvantage. But these creatures were no match for my mighty axe, when I did manage to land a blow. Before I knew it, I stood on what used to a wall, with corpses of dismembered bird people strewn at my feet. As I caught my breath, I realized that we were missing one of our group. Arayas had bravely swung into an adjoining room, but had been overwhelmed by these ravenous creatures. We mourned his passing, but sensed that it would not be safe to remain there. We carefully made our way back to New Emeria.

Day 8 - Dawn

We lost a friend today. Let the earth from which he came, carry him forward with peace.

We headed north through the hills. Upon reaching the peak of a hill we spotted in the distance a large, displaced piece of earth. Actually I don’t think large quite describes the magnitude of it. We soon discovered, upon circling around to the west that there were several large estates (including their land holdings and a small forest)still upon the face of the displaced land mass.

With the aid of Arayas’ skills in climbing, we made our way up, through the oddly angled forest. We made our way to the southern-most house and entered through an upper floor window. It was quite precarious and disorienting. The walls had become the ceiling and floor (though everything was at an angle) and so there were windows below us and doors above. We made our way through the top floor without incident and found the stairs down at the top south corner of the building.

We descended along the wall next to the stairs. A rope was secured to a banister and Arayas lowered himself to explore one of the closed doors; Thoradin began climbing down the rope as well. Arayas opened the door and screeching caws echoed throughout the building. Peeking out around the edge of the wall I heard him yell that they looked like bird-people. I asked if they looked like crows and he said that they did. I thought that perhaps they were like the Kenku which we had encountered in the pit and could perhaps be reasoned with. By this point, the screeches had drawn others to the main hall. I tried to reason with the creatures but they did not speak common and we had invaded their home and so we fought.

Arayas seeing an opportunity, went through the door. That was the last anyone saw of him. Shortly after, one of the creatures followed him, closing the door behind. Our rope was cut and so we could not get to him in time. A few seconds later, after what seemed like minutes, the bird creature emerged again. I think we all knew then that he was lost. After a lengthy fight we were victorious. Yalda went to try and revive Arayas (after nearly falling out the front door to his death due to carelessness because he didn’t bother to tie a safety line). From his description, there was not much of Arayas left, nor much to bring back to town in case a family member or friend came looking for him.

Thoradin, after taking the time to tie a safety line explored the lower rooms. He found some gold and other trinkets that could prove useful later on. With that, we left the house the way we came. We descended the side of the mound.

As we had seen another, smaller chunk of land sticking out of the hills, we decided to go and see what we could see there while we were out here. It was much smaller and other than a few tunnels leading into the interior, there was not much to see. We returned to town.

Bert the compassionate man that he is noticed that we had returned with one fewer than we had left with. He poured us all a drink and we drank to Arayas. I wish him a peaceful death.


Day 7 - Dawn

Having gone to rest early, we rose early and decided that today we would leave the Eelwood and return to town though not by a direct route.

We headed north down the hill and along the edge of the marsh. It turned west after an hour and we followed it. After another hour, another join between marshes, this time we crossed not wanting to add length to our journey out of the forrest. An hour headed south and we returned to the first join between marshes. We headed west but were soon met by a group of beetles.

The beetles were nasty, the battle was made nastier still when an opportunistic panther leapt from the trees and attempted to eat us. We managed to kill the beetles but the panther managed to get away from us. We disemboweled the beasts and found some bracers within, the remains of a less lucky traveller I assume.

We decided a hastier exit was wise and followed our known path back to the fishing spot. We managed to catch a great number of eel, we would be popular at the inn that night.

I greeted Bert when we arrived at the Falling Pony. My sack, heavy with eel was greeted in return with gold. I slept well with a full stomach that night.


Day 6 - Dawn

We awoke, eager to start a new day. We continued north down the hill and were met with more marsh. All this wood is is a maze of sloppy, eel-filled marsh and hills with trees. I grow weary of this landscape.

We followed the marsh to the east. After an hour, I recognized that this was the same marsh which contained the tower. We headed south east, to join up with the familiar marsh and determine its dimensions.

We easily found the north east corner of the marsh and headed west. After an hour the marsh dropped away and we turned south to follow its edge. Shortly after we turned, I spotted a ring of mushrooms within a small clearing. We avoided the area as I was wary to anger the fairies who likely use this as a place of magic and ritual.

A short while later, we reached the creek we had left the previous day. We followed it west and travelled it mostly without incident. When we reached the marsh again, we headed north for about an hour and east for another three quarters before finding another creek. We followed the creek north until it curved and we came upon a scene: the goblins from the previous day were surrounded by rats of various sizes and a rather large scorpion.

The goblins recognized us and knowing they could have easily attacked yesterday but did not we assumed they meant us no harm and went to their aid. The scorpion was rather easily dispatched and not so threatening as it appeared I think largely because we avoided its sting. The rats were as foul as ever, infecting Yalda with filth fever. We won the fight easily and the goblins were thankful. After our cleric helped one of their injured to recover from the sting of the scorpion, he was given a rather nice spear of dwarven make. How goblins ended up with this relic is a mystery to me. The goblins, left to the west.

We continued our path along the creek until it met the marsh again and we turned north to follow it. After a short while, the marsh we were following met another, instead of crossing where they met, we followed the edge of the new marsh east. After another hour’s travel and night upon us I saw a hill ahead and noticing Bullywug tracks upon the ground, climbed to the top of the hill where no tracks were present. Together, we tended to Yalda to cure him of disease and after a rest he was well again. We slept until early morning.


Day 5 - Dawn

Today with a new arrival in tow, the dwarves, shadar-kai and I decided to explore more of the Eelwood.

We entered at our usual point and easily travelled to the place where the goblins had been fishing that first day. Instead of heading into the known territory to the north, we travelled south.

After an hour or so the marsh to our right ended. We climbed the small hill ahead but were not able to see very much. After continuing to follow the marsh to the west, a much larger hill loomed ahead to the north west. With some effort we climbed and discovered upon its south face, near the peak, an entrance to a cave. I will say that adventure and likely some treasure lies within the depths of this hill for those eager enough to seek it. The place is marked by trees, evenly spaced. I imagine elves thought this place of great importance though it has fallen into disrepair and I don’t imagine they have been here in decades.

We headed down the north face of the hill and met the marsh. A small creek flowed to the east and we followed it for 3 quarters of an hour until we saw ahead a group of goblins fishing for eel. We made a gesture of peace and goodwill and simply carried on our way peacefully. The creek continued for another 45 minutes before ending in marsh. We headed north and found a hill upon which to rest for the night.


Dwarves Can Blog Too

While minding my own business, enjoying the sound of my woodwind and the feeling of my awesome beard, an interesting looking group passed me. They seemed like they were looking for a great adventure and informed me of their incredible travels and encounters with Bullywugs and search for profitable eels. I decided to join their party as I was also looking for a life-changing adventure and offered to help them find traps as well as be their sneaky thief.

We headed to the Old City, although we were explicitly warned about it.

Serena caught my eye. Though she did not show any interest in me and rejected most of my advances, we always had an enjoyable time jamming, as she played the lute and sang beautifully. I think I may be too short for her.

She also wildly impressed me with her smooth talking, when she was able to kindly speak to the oddly-looking crow creatures, making sure that we “came in peace” and meant no harm. The Crow people did not want to be friends with us unfortunately.

We decided to head down the dark and dangerous pit. Since when were dark and dangerous headquarters ever welcoming?

We had to climb up and down several dark cliffs, leading us to even more dark cliffs, which eventually led us to mysterious floating stones. The stones did not prove to be useful, though most of us were unsure whether to cross them. Maybe next time I’ll try to use my “acrobatic skills” to get across.

At one point during our climbs down a hill, I tripped over my beard and landed straight onto my face. It was rather embarrassing…

The pit was proven to be incredibly dangerous. While trying to squeeze through a tight space, walking single file into even more dark and dangerous spaces, we made a last minute decision to head back, as we were not getting a good vibe from this area and what was going to happen next.

But just our luck, we got viciously attacked by Kruthiks, which I could describe as large spider lizards with spikes at the end of their limbs, who truly enjoyed a relentless swipe at your ankles. They were not easy to beat!

My first shot at a Kruthik was incredible. Although I was so close to hitting members of my party, I was able to miss them and hit it right where it hurt. It left its corpse which we happily used as a platform.

The rest of my attempts were fairly unsuccessful, as I had dropped my short sword during battle and wasted several of my daggers by throwing them in random directions, into the walls and ground. I might as well have been drunk. It was an unenjoyable time for me.

I fell unconscious for a short while because of the damn poisonous spiky spider lizards, but was quickly healed by Dawn. I wonder what she thinks of Dwarves…

Which felt like several HOURS later, all nine Kruthik’s were killed. Serena sang a Song of Rest as I played my woodwind and we were all ready to get a good rest.

Soon after, we headed back to The Falling Pony, where I realized that I did not have enough cash to buy a room for the evening. After being rejected by most of my party, the Thoradin allowed me to stay in his room. I promised him that I would cuddle.

I would love to munch on an eel right about now…



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